King of the Seas


Arthur J. Curry is Aquaman. His origins are as dark as the deepest ocean trench, and his moods as can change as quickly as the seas. Nobody is entirely clear as to what Aquaman truly is, or where he comes from, but it is clear that he’ll brook no harm to the oceans of the world. The only clear clue to Aquaman’s history is that he shares a name of a retired fishing boat captain from Milbridge, Maine. Perhaps this was the man that raised an orphaned child or perhaps he was true Aquaman’s father, but speak ill of Arthur J. Curry of Milbridge ME and you’ll earn the wrath of Aquaman.

Aquaman is biologically half human, and half… something else. Possessed of great strength and the ability to survive underwater indefinitely he has been referred to in the press as the King of the Seas. Aquaman hasn’t specifically commented on the title, but he seems to enjoy the attention.

Give Aquaman’s immense personal power, his standoffish attitude, and the fact that he just appears to save people at sea has lead some to deify the King of the Seas. This is much to Aquaman’s ire and he does what he can to dissuade this behaviour but has thus far had limited success.


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