Auntie Gravity

Octagenarian Supervillain


She still thinks of herself as Mrs Hollinger, she’s had a hard life and she wants nothing more than to grind Green Arrow into a horrible organic paste; given that she’s probably the most powerful superhuman in Star City who has no plans to leave it, the only reason Ollie remains amongst the living is due to the fact that, while Hollinger has a grudge and an increasingly violent temper, until very recently she was the sort of old dame who aided and abetted crimes, rather than committed them.

Mrs Hollinger, you see, was blessed with three nephews who were eager to see their aunt taken care and entirely content to do so by petty crime; Hollinger, for the first time in her life being kept in a manner to which she would like to grow accustomed, resolved to sit back and support her boys while they supported her. Then she developed the superhuman ability to manipulate gravity and things got complicated.

Asked to back her boys up just in case Green Arrow arrived on the scene of one of their crimes, not entirely displeased by the prospect of helping keep her nephews a bit more safe and helping them climb the totem pole in the now wide-open world of Star City crime, for a while life was better for Mrs Hollinger than it ever had been, mostly because Green Arrow can’t be everywhere.

Then one day he actually showed up and tragedy ensued; in the chaos that followed the revelation that the old lady possessed bone fide superpowers and couldn’t control them quite as well as she had thought, one of Mrs Hollinger’s nephews was killed. Taken into custody Hollinger insisted that it was Green Arrow’s failure, not her own powers that had resulted in the death of her loved one and swore to avenge herself upon him.

She’s been stalking Ollie ever since and has to date only grown more dangerous, not less.

Auntie Gravity

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