Brian Nudocedro

Star City Police Chief


Brian Nudocedro is an efficient public servant, a hard nosed enforcer of the law, the best friend the current mayor could ask for and probably the single most corrupting influence on Star City at the present time; he believes that Justice is first and foremost for those who can afford it, that the job of the police is to crush crime, not to head it off before it becomes headline grabbing and that costumed adventurers should be stepped on if they persist in trying to plunder (or help) their fellow men.

The problem is that he’s also very good at his job and technically squeaky-clean as far as full-blown police corruption goes, so his failings have to date gone unpunished. The sad truth is that those in the Establishment offended by his attitudes toward the lower classes tend to be silenced by his success rate in dealing with the old hierarchy of Organized Crime in Star City and will remain drowned out by his admirers until they realize just what kind of abuses his attitude will lead to if he’s not reined in.

Quite frankly if he isn’t stopped soon and if the likes of his favourite back-scratching chum Jack Major gets into the Mayor’s office, Nudocedro might well turn Star City into a police state and hell for everyone outside the 1%; on the other hand the only way this will happen is if Green Arrow (his personal bugbear) doesn’t provoke him into giving a demonstration of just how low the Chief of Police will stoop to stamp down on those seeking to harness the potential of what superhumans have brought into the world or any do-gooders who don’t answer to his office (and steal HIS press – Nudocedro is egotistical to the point of hubris at heart and doesn’t worry too much if others suffer for it, so long as he isn’t held responsible).

On the other hand given that this is Green Arrow we’re talking about, he might get lucky and force Nudocedro into early retirement via an Ollie-induced apoplexy first!

Brian Nudocedro

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