Captain Marvel

Billy Batson, The Earth's Mightiest Mortal, The Big Red Cheese


William Joseph Batson was the scion of a wealthy family in Fawcett City, Minnesota. His parents died in a car crash when Billy was less then year old. Billy’s uncle became his guardian. As his guardian Billy’s uncle forced him into the foster care. He left Billy alone, and unknowing about the his rightful family fortune.

Eventually at the age of fifteen Billy ended up homeless, and living in an abandoned subway station with others in a similar situation. Taking care of the people in the station Billy found ways to feed them and keep them safe from the world around them. Along the way Billy picked up many skills, computer programing, a good understanding of the cities electrical grid, and an uncanny knack for knowing where he is all of the time.

It was this caring nature that drew the wizard Shazam to Billy. Initially the boy thought Shazam was another lost soul that had lost touch with the world. It was only through persistence and finally displaying his power that Shazam convinced Billy he really was who he said he was. Billy accepted the gift of the Shazam and became the Champion Captain Marvel! During this time Billy managed to get a job at the city’s most prominent radio station, WHIZ radio, maintaining and operating the station’s online presence.

Captain Marvel looks like an older relative of Billy, perhaps and older brother. Despite the adult appearance of Captain Marvel the hero is tempered by the kindness and youthfulness exuberance of Billy Batson.

Captain Marvel

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