'Counterfeit' Carson

Supervillain Impersonator for Hire


Henchmen of the World, are you tired of working for flamboyant psychotics, but just can’t quit the thrill of the boost to the reputation working for a full-blown Supervillain can bring? Looking for a high-profile professional in crime without the risk of sudden and curiously-inevitable betrayal? Then call ‘Counterfeit’ Carson* for the master villain you need without the karmic comeuppance you’ll deserve!

Payment on a caper-by-caper basis, every second plot against Green Arrow FREE!

Yes, that’s right, ‘Counterfeit’ Carson makes his money as a supervillain impersonator for hire to any henchmen looking for a high-profile headman without the hassle such honchos tend to bring with them; actually that undersells his talents and his nerve – a former stuntman, petty crook, all-round performance artist and long-term thrill-seeker, Carson won his sobriquet by virtue of having the cojones to make a living ripping off the likes of The Joker, Two-Face, The Riddler and Catwoman (there’s a reason Ollie hates this guy, can you guess what it is yet?), then having the nerve to do even better than the originals – mostly because he’s not even half as crazy, which is almost as much of an advantage as you’d think.

Also because he ALWAYS has his own little one-man side-schemes on the back-burner, just in case the boys don’t quite pull their weight on their side of the deal; mostly these involve Carson substituting a forgery for some helpfully portable portion of the surroundings at the scene of his latest crime – a substitution vanishingly few eyewitnesses notice by virtue of the fact that they’re too busy BEING PLUNDERED BY A SUPERVILLAIN.

Unfortunately for Carson, while Green Arrow is far from being the World’s Greatest Detective he doesn’t miss what’s going on under his nose (well, not on a battlefield anyway) and has actually been able to track him down on several occasions, even after he’d made his strategic withdrawal.

Carson resents this heartily, since it cuts into his profit margins – also because boxing-glove arrows HURT. While he’s not exactly your classic obsessive-compulsive arch nemesis, he derives a certain vindictive pleasure from going a bit out of his way to make life miserable for Green Arrow in little displays of displeasure such as…. say … traveling to London, mugging a local policeman and trying to blow up an assembly of what Ollie is pleased to refer to as ‘The Green Arrows of the World’.

Alright, so he’s probably cutting a little close to the Luthor/Joker line of thinking than he’d like when it comes to Green Arrow, but to be fair this is Oliver Queen we’re talking about so all bets are off when it comes to being able to move past the kind of defeat he fires into the lives of supervillains on a weekly basis.

'Counterfeit' Carson

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