Lex Luthor

CEO of LexCorp


Lex Luthor is vicious, amoral and completely without any scruples; he’s also one of the most brilliant humans to have ever lived. Luthor possess a certain honour, in so far as he’s willing to oblige a legal contract largely because they invariably favor him. A native son of Metropolis Luthor grew up in the poorest areas of the city. The target of an abusive father, and indifferent mother he finally fled from his family at the age of fifteen. He managed to find employment in a variety of electronic manufacturing plants around the city, usually by lying about his age. His natural aptitude for science and invention, not to mention a seemingly inherent understanding of Machiavelli (his detractors have suggested that Luthor invented a time machine and taught Machiavelli a thing or two) led him to secure funding for his own startup.

Since forming LexCorp Luthor rapidly expanded his pool of patents by either buying other companies with his ever expanding personal wealth, hostile takeovers, or outright bribery and corporate espionage. LexCorp is currently the leading designer and manufacturer of weapons in the world, as well as one of the largest biotech companies in the United States. Wayne Enterprises’ medical division is one of its rivals in biotech, the difference is that LexCorp seeks to make a profit off of sickness (more profit in treatments than cures) while Wayne Enterprises seeks to advance medical knowledge for the benefit of all regardless of wealth and often charges minimal fees to license its patents (sometimes as low as a penny depending on the licensee).

LexCorp also pursues patent infringement cases against anything they think they can win against. This has crippled a number of smaller startups, only to have Luthor buy the company after he’s bankrupted them due to legal fees.

Luthor justifies all of this since he’s the smartest man on Earth (likely true) and really is leading humanity to a more advanced future. Perhaps Luthor’s saddest trait is that in his drive to make humanity the best it can be he in turn has lost his own humanity in the process. This is perhaps the reason he seems to hate Superman so very much.

Lex Luthor

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