Master Assassin


When Ollie was just starting out in the Lincoln green line of social justice, he was already a near-peerless archer and not unacquainted with the principles of hunting (you’d be amazed how quickly you can start channeling your inner Daniel Boone when the alternative is starvation – or unfamiliar tropical vegetation), who did not yet fear any lack in skill by virtue of compensation via sheer testicular fortitude – then he ran into the man called Merlyn and discovered that courage, no matter how brazen, very seldom beats skill when a master confronts a relative novice.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that SEVERAL assassins were competing to claim his head for fun and profit, as well as the assistance of the rather more experienced crime-smasher Black Canary (who liked Ollie’s head just enough to be open to his offer of becoming better acquainted with it), he’d probably have suffered still worse than he did – as things stood, he decided the time had come to add a few more strings to his bow (along with all those fancy new trick arrows he’d based on technology stole – ahem, captured – from a certain college of criminal geniuses); to do just that he sought out the only one of his would-be assassins who’d proven amenable to his offer to better his price, the elderly multiple-murderer who went by the name of ‘Nix’ for some obscure reason he declined to share, an old man with the appearance of a complete non-entity, a sophisticated grasp of most of the skills Ollie was looking to hone and a chilling fondness for the death of a thousand cuts.

Leaving out the nastier details, Nix specializes in inflicting injuries minor in isolation but capable of carrying off even the strongest if the target accumulates sufficient of them – and Nix is very, VERY good at making sure the target fails to notice just how deliberate the ‘accidental’ injuries he piles on them happen to be. If it weren’t for the fact he was arrogant enough to teach Ollie more than enough of his tricks to allow the Star City Shootist Supreme to work out how to see him coming, Nix might actually have been able to make the ‘Kato’ technique work for him once again.

As things stand the little backstabber STILL might.


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