Ra's al-Ghul

The Demon's Head


Born some time in the early 13th century in what is now Iran Ra’s al-Ghul is old, older than most people can possibly realize. While not truly immortal Ra’s rejuvenates himself using Lazarus Pits every few decades and appears to be a man in his 50s in exceptional health and physical condition.

Nearly seven centuries old Ra’s speaks over a dozen languages and is comfortable using whatever means he needs to defeat enemies. Those means range from political, economic or even direct confrontation. Ra’s al-Ghul was member of the Asasiyun disciples, or the Assassins. After the Mongols invaded and destroyed their fortress at Alamut in 1256 Ra’s took the remaining disciples and as their leader slowly converted them into the League of Assassins.

Ra’s al-Ghul was wounded during their flight from Alamut. While the wound was not fatal it was debilitating. The assassin’s fled east, eventually finding their way high into the Himalayas . It was there that the assassin’s discovered the first Lazarus Pit, and Ra’s al-Ghul discovered the incredible healing and resurrection properties of the pits. Many would claim the pits drive a man mad, and perhaps they do, but the truth of Ra’s al-Ghul’s apparent derangement after using a Lazarus Pit is that the human mind simply is not meant to live forever. Ra’s mind takes hours, or even days, to reconcile the memories that immediately leap to life after using a Lazarus Put, and during that time he vividly recalls all manner of memories ranging from lost love, battles, and even previous mortal wounds.

Ra's al-Ghul

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