Character Creation and House Rules

Here are the house rules and character creation guidelines for Earth-82.

Character Creation
All starting characters are built with 150 power points and must be Power Level 10. Additionally trade-offs cannot be more than half of the character’s power level above or below average. For example at power level 10 a character cannot have more than + 15 Toughness/ + 5 Dodge and Parry or a + 5 Toughness/ + 15 Dodge and Parry.

Benefit Advantage
Characters like Bruce Wayne have the Benefit (in Bruce’s case its Wealth) advantage at varying ranks. Generally they are rated between 1 and 5 ranks. Unlike other advantages this doesn’t provide a specific numeric benefit to the player (such as Power Attack), or provide an alternate means of achieve the same result (like Redirect or Agile Feint). For the most part Benefit doesn’t provide much in game benefit other than a reason for the character to posses all of those wonderful toys.

As such to provide some kind of in game mechanic for spending points on the Benefit advantage characters can add their ranks of Benefit to checks where having access to that that specific Benefit would affect the outcome. For example, if Bruce Wayne needs to bribe his way into Khandaq then he can add +5 to any check involving that bribe, however this can only be done once per session. If Darkseid wants to influence an outcome where Benefit (Undisputed Ruler of Apokalips) 10 would be a benefit (lets say trying to claim he has diplomatic immunity at the UN, if he doesn’t just blow it up) he could gain a +10 bonus on that roll.

Character Creation and House Rules

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