Metropolis is Gotham’s glowing twin. Where Gotham is dark and foreboding Metropolis is open and bright. Located directly across Delaware Bay from Gotham City the home of Superman is a bright modern city fully of life and hope for the future. Boasting seven million residents Metropolis’ already low crime rate as dropped to well below the national average in the last few years, largely due to the appearance of Superman, although violent crime rate seems to have become a larger portion of what little crime does exist.

The city it itself is in Delaware and built up on the mainland and two smaller islands directly across Delaware Bay from Gotham City. The city is largely new construction, most of it having only started in earnest in the 1970s, and as such most of the skyscrapers are towering facades of polished glass with sleek modern architecture.The largest buildings in Metropolis’ expanding skyscraper filled district of New Troy are owned by a variety of companies although the most distinct by far is LexCorp’s headquarters. Located at 1940 Shuster Avenue the building is a ninety-six story L-shaped edifice made of green tinted glass and chromed steel. The other particularly notable feature is The Daily Planet building, located at the corner of Fifth Street and Concord Lane, topped by its famous rotating bronzed globe. The rest of the city is divided into districts and include: Midvale, a residential suburb and home to the Midvale Orphage; Bakerline which is a located on the same island as New Troy, although on the north end, and filled with small businesses and lowrise apartments; Suicide Slum is the lowest income part of Metropolis and often rumoured to be the place Lex Luthor once called home; Queensland Park Zoo is home of a wide variety of animals, including a herd of red kangaroos (the park is named after the Australian state, and original home of the kangaroos); finally, Metrodale and Parkridge are two areas of post-war suburban sprawl located on the mainland part of the city.

Metropolis’ police are quick to act on any reported crime, with dozens of detachments, stations and community interaction posts scattered throughout the city. This accompanied with a modern and efficient fire department and ambulance service means any citizen needing aid can get expect help within three minutes from the civilian authorities. The Metropolis Fire Department has friendly rivalry with the Man of Steel, they take a great deal of pride in getting trucks to a fire before Superman can arrive.

The Daily Planet is a long standing institution in the Metropolis. Known for its liberal views, and dislike of Lex Luthor, its current editor-in-chief is Perry White. Other high profile staff members include Lois Lane the Planet’s investigative journalist, Ron Troupe who writes a weekly politics column, Steve Lombard is the Planet’s lead sports columnist, Cat Grant covering entertainment, and Jimmy Olsen the gopher/photographer (when no one else can go)/intern/Perry’s whipping boy who has been working at the Planet for less than a year but already taken some award nominated photos.

LexCorp is nominally Metropolis’ largest employer, outside of the city itself, with nearly ten thousand direct employees. Many of these work at the headquarters building or managing varying properties around the city. LexCorp is conglomerate and has a half dozen major sectors it operates in, as well as owning a dozen subsidiary companies. LexCorp’s primary field is arms manufacture and sale handled through the LexArm division; they produce nearly everything from small arms to attack aircraft, with a focus on advanced technologies such as coil guns or directed energy weapons. Currently LexCorp has working prototypes for vehicle mounted electromagnetic weapons (rail guns and coil guns), as well as an energy weapon test bed that requires its own large scale nuclear power plant to operate. Neither of these are currently located in Metropolis, although Lex Luthor is rumoured to have personally created a down scaled man portable coil gun and keeps it in his office a personal defense weapon. Other divisions include LexBio which is currently focusing on enhancing soldiers through biochemical means as well as advanced prosthesis for injured soldiers, LexReal which operates the company’s real estate holdings (many in Metropolis work for this division, given how much of the city LexCorp owns), LexChar which is the philanthropic and charity division of LexCorp, and LexBank which operates a international banking enterprise. The company has other operations in mundane enterprises such as mining and chemical production although these fall under the banner of LexCorp rather than a separate division.

Crime in Metropolis is largely limited to small street gangs in Suicide Slum and corporate crime. That being said there is a growing link between the two and nascent organized criminal enterprises are beginning to grow quickly. The largest of these growing criminal enterprises seems to be driven by international backers from a variety of countries linked only by their greed. The organization doesn’t seem to have a formal name, and the MPD have taken to calling it the International Gang or InterGang. InterGang members often have access to weapons that aren’t normally found in the hands street thugs, modern assault rifles and grenades are used when other gangs have pistols and home made Molotov cocktails. The exact origin of the weapons InterGang uses are unclear since they originate from a variety of NATO countries, as well old Warsaw Pact nations. The exact number of street gangs that have joined or been forcibly recruited into InterGang is unclear but currently is seems like a relatively small number.

Notable Residents

Clark Kent: Lead science reporter for The Daily Planet
Lois Lane: Investigative reporter, and Pulitzer Prize winner, for The Daily Planet
Perry White: Editor-in-Chief for The Daily Planet.
James ‘Jimmy’ Olsen: The Daily Planet’s newest recruit.
Lex Luthor: Billionaire arms manufacturer and CEO of LexCorp.

Notable Locations

The Daily Planet: World famous, internationally distributed newspaper.
LexCorp HQ: Headquarters of LexCorp and private suites of Lex Luthor.


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