This is the Ultimate DC RPG Setting for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition.

Assumed Premises
There is no significant, at least public, superpowered presence prior to the start of the campaign except as noted. Some characters will exist that have existed in the ancient history of the DC Multiverse, and other characters specifically called as having existed in specific time periods such as the Wild West or World War Two are still from those time periods.

The primary object of the campaign and setting to explore DC superheroes from a purely modern standpoint. As such characters are discussed as new or recent heroes/villains. Some villains will exist with the start of the campaign, others may come into being on their own or via the action of the players.

All heroes are going to be 150pp/PL10 so that any player can pick an established character, or they can create their own. I’ll throw some hero stats up once I’ve got the time to do so.

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