The Boy Wonder


Dick Grayson was an up an coming movie star. Gotham’s Hollywood hero, the local boy that found incredible success. At the age of 21 young Grayson had already headlined two moderately successful martial arts flicks and was set to star in biggest blockbuster of the year. That is until Gotham’s mob though Dick owed them something for his success, being from Gotham City and all. They arranged a car accident to make a point, an accident that killed both of Dick’s parents outside of a Los Angeles restaurant. His movie was scrapped, likely due to more mob tampering, Dick returned to Gotham and started making inquiries; using his money to hire investigators to find the people responsible Dick got more and more information. He even managed to beat a few thugs up using his martial arts skills. Unfortunately, Dick’s lack of discretion had tipped of the mobsters, so they sent a hit squad after him. Batman saves the young man, the two teamed up and Dick Grayson became Robin, assembling his costume from bits and pieces of wardrobe from his recently scrapped movie.

Dick Grayson was given a job in media relations with Wayne Enterprises, and currently resides with Bruce Wayne at the palatial Wayne Manor. The tabloids suggest the thirty-five year old is in a Wayne relationship with the much younger Grayson. Neither do anything to particularly dissuade this notion, Batman is too driven to care and it gives him a better cover and Dick is so used to tabloid rumours that it doesn’t bother him.


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