The Penguin

Oswald Arthur Cobblepot III


Oswald Arthur Cobblepot III is the scion of a dead family. He has none of the wealth or grace of his ancestors, he has no siblings and his parents have been dead for nearly three decades. At the age of fifty Cobblepot likes to present himself as the height moneyed power. In actual fact Cobblepot is crass and has a terrible sense of humour, he has no refined tastes beyond liking things that are expensive. His pretensions include wearing a top hat and tails as well claiming an ivy league education. Cobblepot never actually graduated high school but possesses a natural affinity for math and accounting, as well as electrical engineering. It’s possible that Cobblepot may fall in to the autism spectrum.

Combined with his hawkish features, barking laugh, and stature Oswald has picked up the derisive nickname The Penguin amongst most people that know him. He despises his nom de plume and it has driven him to blind rage on more than one occasion when somebody mocks him by using it, this ends badly for those thinking Oswald Arthur Cobblepot III can be mocked.

Cobblepot runs the Iceberg Lounge, an upscale nightclub that caters to the wealthy Gothamites. From the nightclub he has an array of side activities, none of which are outright illegal. These activities range from taking a cut of drug dealers profits for providing them private rooms (which when rented Cobblepot claims he had no idea what was going on in them), providing illicit connections for people (for example hitmen for wealthy sorts wanting to become a widow/widower) and even no questions asked highly secure storage for anybody with the cash to pay him. All of this is designed to give plausible deniability if any of his clients draw unwanted attention, it also gives Cobblepot a shocking amount of leverage over the criminal underworld in Gotham.

Cobblepot owns a series of pawn shops and second hand stores throughout Gotham, each name after different birds. These provide him an entirely legitimate source of income, as well as operating a money laundering scheme for members of Gotham’s criminal syndicates.

The Penguin

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