Located on the north side of Delaware Bay across from Metropolis the city of Gotham is full of dark contrasts. Bruce Wayne, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, lives there and provides much of the city’s desperately needed employment. Despite Wayne’s presence the city also has one of the highest unemployment rates in the United States; it also has one of the highest crime rates in the US as well. The city is built across four large islands and the mainland with several smaller islands considered part of the city although they are privately owned.

Gotham’s architecture is a combination of Gothic styled buildings and art deco. The eclectic style was dubbed by architectural firm Timm, Dini and Finger “dark deco” and the description has stuck. Buildings, even skyscrapers, are known for their dark stone edifices, often excessive use of gargoyles and grotesques, and being built extremely close together. Very little of the city is new construction and many of the buildings in the city were built no later than the 1920s, those that were tend to be notable exceptions. Gotham has almost no suburbs to speak of; much of that owing to the fact that little of the land outside of the city core is suitable to build on, being marsh and swamp, as well as a distinct lack of anybody willing to actually buy a house outside of the city. The city is full of alleys and ratways, many of which connect to Gotham’s extensive and extremely old sewer system.

Gotham’s organized crime is currently controlled by the Falcone Family, headed by the aging Carmine Falcone. The family is into everything, drugs, illegal gambling, legal gambling, running numbers, protection rackets, the works. If its illegal and there is profit in it Carmine Falcone’s fingers prints are somewhere on it. The trouble for the honest cops is that Carmine Falcone is notorious for not leaving literal finger prints on anything, making it difficult to trace any actual criminal enterprises back to him. He’s scrupulous about keeping his legitimate business fronts (one of which is a casino, used primarily for money laundering) honest in terms of book keeping and paying taxes. The fact that the Falcones legitimate businesses make some profit helps to hide their obvious wealth.

Gotham has a large and well connected, albeit poorly patrolled, public transportation system. Consisting of a subway system and bus system Gothamites can easily reach most parts of the city with in an hour’s travel time. Those that choose to travel by public transportation generally do so in groups when possible. Police presence is minimal on the subways, and most bus drivers are unwilling to interfere with anything short of attempted murder.

Business in Gotham City is dominated by Wayne Enterprises. As one of the largest conglomerates in the world, rivaling the Japanese conglomerate Hashimoto. Wayne Enterprises has its headquarters in Gotham and keeps its applied sciences research division there as well. The company employs nearly 15,000 of Gotham’s six million citizens in a variety of roles and facilities throughout the city. Half of those employed work directly in Wayne Enterprises’ towering skyscraper located in the heart of Gotham’s downtown district. At one-hundred ten stories the ultra-modern Wayne Enterprises building, with its massive W symbol, is visible for miles around the city and the dominant feature in Gotham’s skyline.

Notable Residents

Oswald Arthur Cobblepot III: Owner/operator of The Iceberg Lounge and provider of extra-legal services.
Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent: Former district attorney, current armed psychopath.
Carmine Falcone: Head of the Falcone family.
James Gordon: Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department
Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson: Close friend of Bruce Wayne. Currently works for Wayne Enterprises as head of media relations.
Selina Kyle: Socialite and locally famous ballet/jazz dancer.
Edward Nigma: Emotionally stunted genius that prefers to be called The Riddler.
Alfred Pennyworth: Butler and confidant to Bruce Wayne.
Bruce Wayne: Billionaire playboy and CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

Notable Locations

Ace Chemicals: Gotham’s largest chemical production and distribution facility.
Arkham Asylum: Psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.
Iceberg Lounge: Oswald Cobblepot’s nightclub.
Wayne Enterprises: Headquarters of the multinational conglomerate owned by Bruce Wayne.
Wayne Manor: Stately mansion and home of Bruce Wayne.


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