Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum is the premiere psychiatric institution in the North East. The facility is based in and around the grounds of the Arkham Family mansion. First built at roughly the same time as Wayne Manor, the family eventually moved away from Gotham, leaving the mansion to become a dilapidated wreck and the island on which it was located to become overgrown. In the early twentieth century Dr. Amadeus Arkham, the great grandson of the original owner, began the remodeling of his family’s ancestral home into a facility to treat those with mental illness after his mother committed suicide.

The remodeling was completed in 1910 Dr. Arkham named his new hospital the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Mentally Disturbed. Amadeus Arkham operated the asylum as director for several nearly a yearly when tragedy struck. Martin Hawkins escaped his cell and killed Arkham’s wife and young daughter. Arkham mourned the death of his family but continued the treatment of the murderous patient for over a year before finally electrocuting the man during an electro-shock session. The staff covered this up and treated the incident of an unfortunate accident during the application of experimental treatments. Dr Arkham began to use more extreme measures in his treatment of patients over the next two decades finally finding himself locked up in his own asylum after killing three patients.

The facility is now run by Amadeaus Arkham’s great nephew Dr. Jeremiah Arkham. He has used upgraded the asylum to include modern room and more secure containment cells for patients that are too dangerous to allow in a normal room, as well as secured access to each wing of the facility’s expansive grounds. He has also shortened the name official to simply Arkham Asylum. The asylum is now controlled by the state of New Jersey but Arkham Asylum still allows the institutionalization of private individuals.

Current staff members include:
Doctor Jeremiah Arkham – Director of Arkham Asylum and head psychiatrist
Dr. Johnathan Crane – Primary care psychiatric fellow, specializing in phobia treatment via psychopharmacology
Dr. Hugo Strange – Primary care psychiatric fellow, specializing in psychotherapy related to identity and identity disorders
Aaron Cash – Head of facility security

Notable Patients:
Victor Szazz – serial killer, under the care of Hugo Strange
Julian Day – criminal and mass murder, under the care of Hugo Strange

Arkham Asylum

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