LexCorp is the privately owned conglomerate created by Lex Luthor. As its sole share holder Luthor is has sole discretion over the operation and funding of any project in his company. Currently his interests lie in procuring and expanding military contracts with the United States Air Force and United States Navy.

Major innovations currently being offered for military contracts include are elctro-magnetic weapons, exoskeleton armour, and advanced combat stimulants.

Currently LexCorp has the following divisions:

  • LexTech: Research and development into weapons, pharmaceuticals, robotics, computer hardware and software (LexComp), bio-engineering, fertilizer, preservatives, hydroponics, air conditioning, and many other fields.
  • Lex Industrial: Operates most industiral applications such as utilities, including electricity, gas, oil (LexOil), water, sewage treatment and waste disposal. Also functions in the manufacturing of heave equipment.
  • LexCom: Phone company, television stations (LexTel and LNN) and briefly the Daily Planet newspaper.
  • Lexerprises: Cash businesses, including convention centres (Metropolis’ Lexington Centre for example), rented accommodation, restaurants and public transportation.
  • LexBank: Banks, brokerage houses, investment firm (LexEl Investments).
  • Luthor Foundation: Philanthropic enterprises including Luthor Hospital, Luthor Home for Children, and Luthor Foundation for the Arts.
  • Property Holdings: LexCorp also owns considerable property in Metropolis, such as the Lexor hotel.


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