Star City

In many ways Star City was the first place the wave of what we thought was going to be our future hit the present and left it changed almost beyond recognition; a prosperous port city, which also happened to have been ranked as the hippest haven any celebrity you care to name could ask for suddenly became the hometown of the world’s biggest coffeehouse chain, IT developments that made NASA look old-school, green industries and sustainable development, also hipsters (which just goes to show that not every new development should be welcomed with joy unfettered).

Then the all these new supermen started taking off, mad science turned out to be SCIENCE, it was revealed that there was indeed life on other planets interesting enough to merit a long round trip and Star City’s vision of the future effectively became a thing of the past. Almost everyone who means anything to Star City has been neck-deep in denial about this ever since and a strange new underworld (composed of crooks costumed or merely capable of deploying incredibly advanced science*) has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since.

In short, what your average Metropolitan has taken to calling supervillains and Gothamites tend to think of as ‘Freaks’ (in tones of deepest terror when they’re being honest, contempt when they’re feeling defiant and pity when they care enough to show it).

Quite bluntly the administration of Star City has set out to try and preserve a status quo which shattered the day Superman saved that shuttle, which is problematic to say the least; the biggest single problem is that they’re making a fairly good job of it – on the surface at least. At present, if a scientist in Star City tries advancing ideas that sound as if they came from the funny pages rather than the textbooks, they’re either going to be buried in obscurity, dismissed or ignored.

The problems began when some of the scientists in question decided to get even rather than get out of town – and found themselves welcomed with open arms by the underworld, which recognized an edge they desperately needed when they saw it. The Star City administration, you see, being COMPLACENT more than it is corrupt – decided to store up good will as a buffer against protests regarding their new policy by giving organized crime a big brass-band funeral and they’d almost killed organized crime in Star City even before Big Blue went up, up and away for the first time.

But by breaking the old mobs and gangs to little pieces, then sending the King Fish to prison, they effectively left Star City open territory for a hungry new generation of small-fry to move up the food chain fast – and worse still created the cranky minority of Mad Scientists who would make sure the rising generation turned into predators that would make the old-school sharks look like minnows.

If it weren’t for Green Arrow (and to an even greater degree Q-Corps’ decision to recruit the brightest super-scientists, let the Establishment say what it will), Star City would be in even bigger trouble. As things stand he’s just about keeping a lid on things – but the pot’s only just coming to the boil, he’ll need all the luck and skill and guts he can summons.

Not to mention all the help he can get.

Star City

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