Themescyria is the home of the Amazons the birth place of Wonder Woman. Located south-west of the Canary Islands Themescyria is a society steeped the traditions of Hellenistic Greece as well one of advanced science and magic.

The Amazons still worship the Dodekatheon. Ruled by Hippolyta, the chief priestess of the gods, Thyemscryia is a stratocracy where only fully trained warriors have any right to vote or participate in decision making.

The ruling council is selected by general vote among those able to do so. The chief priestess is a position selected by divine right through auguries and held for life. In Hippolyta’s case though her position was gained through direct intervention by Athena who appeared physically in the mortal realm 2000 years ago declaring Hippolyta high priestess and gifting her with immortality.

Themescyria physically exists within the world, but is protected by the gods who prevent access to island, but also prevent any who have ever stepped foot on the island to return if they leave.


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