Wayne Enterprises

Wayne Enterprises is one of the world’s largest companies employing over 70000 people in Gotham alone and nearly 1.5 million worldwide.

While technically a publicly traded company on stock exchanges around the world over 40% of the stock is held privately by Bruce Wayne and another 15% held by charities operated by the Wayne Foundation. Bruce Wayne currently acts as Chairman of the Board for Wayne Enterprises, while Lucius Fox is the CEO and runs the company on a day to day basis.

Current Divisions include:

  • Wayne Technologies – the largest division within Wayne Enterprises and provides and leadership for many subdivisions, primary concerned with industrial development, of particular interest is clean energy generation
    • Wayne Electronics – produces a wide variety of both consumer and experimental electronics
    • Wayne Foods – food production and research into new growing techniques
  • Wayne Medical – new medical technology research and production
    • Wayne Biotech – advanced research and production of cybernetic and artificial replacement limbs, organs and other biotechnology
    • Applied Sciences – a prototype test lab that often combines projects from other divisions into new combined sciences projects
    • Wayne Pharmaceuticals – primary research and production in life saving drugs and disease treatment
  • Wayne Industries – Research and development of industrial goods and processes
    • Wayne Chemicals – chemical development division as well as oil extraction and alternate fuel development
    • Wayne Construction – property, construction and civil engineering division of Wayne Enterprises and maintains Wayne Enterprises real estate holdings
    • Wayne Steel – steel and metal manufacturing and ore extraction
    • Wayne Yards – contracts to build ships for the US Navy as well as other NATO nations
  • Wayne Aerospace – cutting edge aircraft division with both corporate and Department of Defense contracts
  • Wayne Entertainment – publishes dozens of magazines, produces movies and tv shows, as wells owns the Daily Planet
  • Wayne Shipping – handles approximately three-and-a-half billion tons of freight on a monthly basis worldwide

Wayne Enterprises

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